MP Week In Review

Scott G. Marshall - Mar 01, 2019

Forward March

At about this time of year I find myself really looking forward to winter having its last hurrah. I am happy that local ski hills and tourism have had an awesome snow year. I hope that we see an influx still of Spring skiers, it is great for local businesses and restaurants and our economy overall. Personally though I really like that the days are getting light earlier and staying light later.


We are seeing daylight in our portfolios too. Our Pivot indicator had us turning up our equity exposure early in January and portfolios across the board are showing solid growth to start the year. Today is the last day for RRSP contributions that can be applied to the 2018 tax year and it seems like there was a healthy surge of last-minute attention to that from our client base. Paying attention to contributions is one of the solid building blocks to retirement and wealth, but that ultimately is an investment in your future and your lifestyle.


In the next few months as taxes get done and filed and tax returns come back from Revenue Canada it is the perfect time to review ongoing monthly contributions. Tax free savings accounts (TFSA’s) should also be reviewed in the same way, the combination of these two investment vehicles gives you flexibility, tax efficiency and investment growth possibilities that we Canadians are very fortunate to have.


We are here to help through tax time, call or email as you think you need to. Have a look online if you receive electronic statements because everything you might need gets posted there too.


“Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
-Henry Ford


Have a great weekend,