Our discretionary portfolios are designed with the significant consideration of risk management. They are driven by our global macro outlook which influences our overall asset allocation decisions. Our asset allocation process considers six separate asset classes including cash, fixed income, convertible debentures, equity, precious metals bullion and alternative assets. Each individual component is evaluated and scrutinized to ensure they contribute to the portfolio’s mandate. To that end, MP Wealth Advisory’s two main discretionary portfolios are:

MP Tactical Income

This portfolio is designed to provide safety and income at a reasonable price (SIRP). The objective of this mandate is to protect against market draw downs through tactical asset allocation, and provide upside opportunities in constructive investment environments with a focus on income and dividends. Our portfolio managers have designed this mandate specifically for those institutions that require regular income and modest growth from their financial assets, while simultaneously focusing on safety and capital preservation. 

MP Tactical Income
 - December 2018
MP Enhanced Income

The objective of this mandate is to protect against draw downs, reduce portfolio volatility and maintain liquidity while targeting a level of income greater than locked-in type GIC investments. Our portfolio managers have designed this mandate specifically for those investors and institutions with a clear focus on enhancing income and preserving capital. 

MP Enhanced Equity
Portfolio December 2018