Our experience has helped us develop four core investment beliefs. These core beliefs guide us in making appropriate, disciplined investment decisions, and culminate in the formation of our overall investment approach.

  1. Capital preservation – protecting capital in down markets and participating in up markets results in investment outperformance over full market cycles. We have a track record of preserving wealth in volatile markets.
  2. Risk management – due to ever increasing levels of global interconnectedness in economies, markets and countries, every investment decision must start with a firm understanding of the current global macroeconomic environment.
  3. Active management – tactical asset allocation decisions based on our macroeconomic views coupled with active bottom up security selection are the key ingredients for long term investment success. We favour assets that produce income, as we strive for lower risk and consistent returns.
  4. Continual evolution – there are no constants when investing; our investment approach will evolve as a result of our efforts to continually improve our processes and results.