One of the more frequent questions we receive from new or prospective clients is "Why should I use your services?" or "What makes your team different?"

In the most direct terms we answer in the following fashion: 

  • First and foremost we take a genuine interest in building long-term investment relationships with our clients and value the opportunity to play a role in their financial success.
  • We operate entirely as a team based practice, providing each client with access to our collective investment knowledge and our joint capacity to provide a unique client experience.
  • We make significant investments to ensure that our team has access to industry leading tools and research thereby enabling our practice to enhance our investment strategies.
  • Our team has significant experience providing investment solutions to wealthy families, not-for-profits and endowments.
  • Our team has extensive experience in both the active and volunteer management of community based organizations with significant assets.
  • We invest our personal assets along side our clients, sharing in the success of our investment strategies.