We have created a wealth management process to ensure that we develop a comprehensive understanding of your individual circumstances and requirements. This process ultimately drives any investment decisions and agreed upon courses of action. The process includes the following steps:

1. Discovery meeting

a. We begin by asking questions and listening, in an effort to create your “total client profile”, which will lead to the creation of an investment plan and Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

2. Investment Plan meeting 

a.We present and recommend actions to bridge the gap between your current situation and your stated financial objectives.

b. We present your personalized Investment Policy Statement, which will act as the framework for all investment decisions.

3. Mutual Commitment meeting

a. A follow up meeting is then arranged to confirm our mutual commitment and complete required documentation to open accounts and transfer assets.

4. Regular Progress meeting and updates

a. Our role is to stay ahead of the issues that impact your wealth. We regularly review with you the progression and the implementation of your wealth management plan.

b. We provide regular market commentaries that outline our investment strategy in light of the current environment.

c. We monitor your portfolio performance regularly to meet your needs and objectives.